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FEMA approves revised Dubuque flood map


DUBUQUE (KWWL)-- A decision by FEMA will save some Dubuque households from paying higher flood insurance rates. The city sent a revised flood map and scientific data explaining the inaccuracies of the current map to FEMA. It was accepted Friday.

The city determined which North End areas lie within the 100-year flood plain, and as a result 200 North End properties will be in the new flood plain. City officials say it reflects more accurate information about the flow of storm water and resolves conflicting data related to base flood elevations.

City officials say FEMA'S decision will save nearly 1,600 households from being required to pay the high risk rates.

"Dubuque owes a special thanks to Tom Harkin who has aggressively worked with FEMA over the past months towards this favorable result," said Dubuque Mayor Buol.  "It means that nearly 1,600 households in Dubuque will not face the higher insurance costs of being in the flood plain, and it will help many businesses in the area as well."

"I want to thank FEMA for taking a very careful look at the quality data that the City of Dubuque provided," Senator Harkin said.  "This decision has important consequences for many residents who will be spared paying extremely high fees to insure their property.  This is welcome news for Dubuque, and I congratulate the City for pressing for these important changes."

Homes with mortgages newly placed in the flood plain would be required to buy insurance with a typical added annual cost of about $400 to $1,500 per home.  The maps will become effective next September.  For those newly designated as being in the flood plain, purchasing flood insurance before the maps become effective will entitle them to the current, lower rate for two years.  

All Dubuque property owners in the affected area will receive a letter from the City of Dubuque Planning Services Department notifying them whether or not their property is in the 100-year flood plain.  A map and list of addresses is also available on the City website at www.cityofdubuque.org/FEMAfloodplain.

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