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Blizzard snows inside Iowa family's home

NEWELL (KWWL) --If a snowstorm is moving in, and you're planning on being away from home, make sure you have all your doors and windows tightly closed, and locked.

A family in the town of Newell, in western Iowa, found this out the hard way.

Steve and Betty Ehlers were out of town in Chicago the weekend of December 11th and 12th, when much of Iowa was under a blizzard warning. 

Steve's brother Jim checked the farm house Sunday morning to make sure the furnace was running.  A side door had blown open letting drifts of snow inside.

So Jim called Steve and Betty in Chicago, and the pair fought the blizzard to make their way home.

When they finally returned home that night, Jim and his wife had already scooped all of the snow out, except for a little in some closets and cupboards.

It was Jim's birthday -- so this will be quite the birthday to remember for him -- spending the day, scooping snow, from his brother's home.

The Ehlers say even after all that snow, their home sustained minimal damage.
They will only have to replace some flooring.

Jim made sure to shut off the water before any pipes could freeze.  If not, the damage could have been a lot worse!


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