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Health Plus: Chiropractic care


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- One wrong twist or turn of your back and the pain that results can sideline you from normal activity.

It happened to one eastern Iowa man trying to push his parked boat.

In Health Plus, why he turned to chiropractic care:

Chad Ramer is used to tricky maneuvers. He works in the street department for the City of Cedar Falls.

But off the job, an attempt at pushing his parked boat didn't go so well last month.

"It was froze to the ground for one thing. All I can think is when the weight came forward I felt a pop and it's just progressed," he said.

Doctor Brad Brooks says the 33-year-old has Cervical Brachial Syndrome from pressure on nerves in his neck and shoulder that resulted.

"What we're gonna do is some soft tissue work, so we're using ultrasound to help break up the spasms that he's having in the upper neck and shoulder area," said Brooks.

The chiropractor has been treating Chad at Covenant's Arrowhead Medical Center in Cedar Falls.

He says adjustments also are beneficial before an injury happens.

"He probably as he was lifting the boat may have thrown his lower back out, too, a little bit in the hip area. That was pretty easy to adjust and take care of. This nerve irritation, however, is going to take a little bit longer," said Brooks.

As for Chad, he just wants to get back to work and to life with young children who like to play with dad.

"I couldn't sleep at night because it was so stiff and the muscle spasms. It's gotten a lot better," he said.

Online reporter/anchor: Tara Thomas




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