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Waterloo cracking down on parking violators

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- If you've received a parking ticket from the city of Waterloo, you'd better pay up.  If you don't, you'll now be facing more than just fines.

Waterloo code enforcement officers are constantly patrolling the streets looking for parking violations.  On average, they hand out between 30 and 50 tickets each day.  Expired parking meters account for most of those.  There are a lot of habitual offenders.

"Some of our larger accounts have more than a hundred tickets unpaid," said Suzy Schares, Waterloo City Clerk.

While just one parking meter violation will only cost you five bucks, the many outstanding tickets add up quickly for the city.  The number of unpaid parking tickets in Waterloo adds up to 81 pages of names and more than $130,000 in fines.  That's why the city is taking a new measure to get people to pay up.

"All tickets that are 5 years back and more than 60 days past due will get turned over to the county treasurer's office," Schares said.

What will be the result of that?  When you go to get a new license plate, or renew your current one, in Black Hawk County, you'll be forced to clear out any unpaid parking fines in order to register your vehicle.

"We're hoping this will encourage them to work with us and get those paid," said Schares.  And with any luck, the new stricter regulations will help balance the books and might encourage more people to feed the meters to avoid getting tickets in the first place.

The city of Waterloo and Black Hawk County have signed a joint resolution allowing the new vehicle registration stops which took effect this week.

Online Reporter:  Kera Mashek


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