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Finding a home for furry friends by Christmas


WAVERLY (KWWL) -- Dozens of animals are looking for a new home -- and fast. The Waverly Humane Society is closing its kennels by Christmas.

Whether you're a cat person, or a dog person, it breaks your heart to learn, all the furry friends are a few days away from losing their home.

"To come to the realization that, I'm not able to continue, is very difficult," said Priscilla Blanchard.

For three years, Blanchard tried to balance the Humane Society's checkbooks by finding families to adopt rascals like Tuxedo the cat, or even Aspen the parakeet.

But she's finally facing reality -- she can't afford to keep her dream afloat.

"I have building expenses, I have food expenses, I have litter expenses. I have a lot of expenses," she said.

Blanchard claimed rumors circulated through the community that she was treating the dogs and cats poorly. She believes the allegations caused potential donors to walk away, and adoptions to drop off.

"Unfortunately, in a small town, when the rumors start to fly, there's very little you can do to combat it. Because people will believe what they want to believe," Blanchard noted.

The he-said she-said talk doesn't matter much anymore. One way or another, the Waverly Humane Society is closing, and Blanchard is faced with the daunting challenge of finding all the animals a new place to live ASAP.

Blanchard loves each and every one of the animals, which is why she has a hard time finding a silver lining. As she sees it, she's disappointed her four-legged kids, and just a few days before Christmas.

"You know you have all the feelings of failure. And for me, it's more of, I'm failing these animals. I'm failing what they expected of me. Well, they didn't expect it, I did," said Blanchard.

On Saturday, the Waverly Humane Society will be at PetSmart in Waterloo with all the dogs who still need homes, and possible some of the cats.

All the available animals are listed on the Waverly Humane Society's website. Click here to learn more.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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