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Christmas tree shortage in Eastern Iowa


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Just south of Cedar Rapids, Wagner's Christmas Trees is now one of the few places still in stock in the Cedar Rapids Corridor.

"I had somebody call me the other night and say, 'well, I gotta get a tree today,'" said owner Mary Rose. She explained that many other farms have closed down because of ice, which makes trees brittle. Others have stopped selling because they sold out.

"There were a few years we didn't re-plant, so I am now down the bigger trees."

So, why the sudden rush for the real thing? Jan Pacovsky, Executive Director of the Iowa Christmas Tree Growers, told us it may have to do with a new focus on authenticity.

"I think a lot of it has to do with people being more aware of going green and not using artificial stuff," Pacovsky said.

She's heard more people are storing their fake trees.

"It's become a family affair-type thing, for them to go out as a family and choose a tree, and take it home and set it up," Pacovsky said.

Many of the farmers we spoke with say that they won't sell tree under a certain height, because they want to let them grow so they have a good stock for the next year, but Rose says that's not so at her farm. Even small trees are fair game.

"I've had three and four footers go out this year," Rose said, pointing out some smaller ones.

She still has about a week left before she'll close up shop.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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