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Oh Baby: Experts say don't use snowsuits in the car seat


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- When temperatures plunge this low, we do all we can to make sure our children stay warm.

But when it comes to bundling a baby in the car, the best of intentions can sometimes lead to danger. Find out why car safety experts say don't use snowsuits in conjunction with car seats, and how they say you can keep babies warm and safe.

"What's going to happen is if you reach behind, baby's going to come right out. And not going to be safe in the car," car seat safety expert and Covenant Medical Center Registered Nurse Wendy Potter said.

When it's cold outside, well-meaning parents often put their babies in large snowsuits.

"So you don't want to use a heavy snowsuit in the car," Potter said. "Snowsuits keep the baby nice and warm, but unfortunately they take up a lot of strap."

"I am going to put baby back in but we're not going to tighten straps, and I can actually put my arm underneath.  You don't want to do that," she said.

So how do you keep baby warm and safe?

Potter suggests a thinner velour sleeper over the baby's warm clothes.

"It won't affect the straps."

Also, you can surround baby with blankets over the straps. Or buy a cover for the seat.

Your effort can truly save your child's life.

"I've seen car crashes where parents were killed and children were scrapes," Potter said.

Other steps you should take: make sure the harness strap is tight, so you can't fit a finger underneath. The harness clip should be high at armpit level.

And check the straps in the back to make sure they are very tight.

Many parents leave the car seat bar up during car rides, but that's not right. It could affect the car seat's reaction during a crash. The bar should always be locked back behind the baby's head.

All crucial steps to keep your baby warm and safe this winter.

Wendy Potter says you don't have to toss your baby's snowsuit, just put it on in the car after you've reached your destination.

Online Anchor: Sunny Layne


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