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Buchanan County crews will not plow several secondary roads


BUCHANAN COUNTY (KWWL) -- As we prepare for this major snowfall, county road crews are dealing with tighter budgets. Buchanan County is trying to stay in the black, by reducing the number of roads plowed after a storm

Driving even a mile on a back road after a big snowfall is often a challenge. After a few decades on his farm, Chuck Watson knows his daily route on Nathen Bethel Avenue is not a top priority for plowing.

"I guess the last four winters I've had to plow myself down to here to get out," he recalled.

This winter, a few miles of Nathen Bethel Avenue will go from the bottom of the list, to not on the list at all. It's one of sixteen secondary roads which the county is not planning to maintain in an effort to trim the budget.

"We had hoped to, maybe, not do as many as we are going to do. But we ended up with maybe about 15 miles of roads that we aren't going to maintain this winter," said County Supervisor Ellen Gaffney.

Choosing these particular routes took quite a bit of planning. A major factor is that no one lives right on any of the impacted roads. And, as far as they can tell, anyone living nearby can take a different path.

"We're not trying to cause anyone to have to travel very many more miles," Gaffney noted.

But the supervisors and engineer realize, there may be more traffic on some of these roads than they thought.

"Sometimes when you don't live right there, you don't know," said Gaffney.

The supervisors are willing to alter their plans if they get a lot of complaints. But most folks, like Watson, understand that the supervisors are just doing what they have to to get by.

"Everybody's got money problems!" Watson said.

The engineer estimates each mile costs the county about $432 a year to maintain. If they cut service to about 15 miles of road, that's more than $6,000. Of course, the actual amount saved depends on how much snow we get.

The supervisors are encouraging residents to call them if they have any concerns about the plans.

The following roads are on the County Supervisors List:

1. 210th St. from Frost Ave. to Gentry Ave.

2. Indiana Ave. from 118th St. to 130th St.

3. Mason Ave. from 150th St. to 130th St,

4. Nathan Bethel Ave. from 140th St. to 112th St. and 100th St, - 108th St.

5. 142nd St. from Postel Ave. Quonset Ave.

6. 170th St. from Henley Ave. to Indiana Ave.

7. 190th St. from Lee Ave. to Nathen Bethel Ave.

8. Nelson Ave. from 170th St. South to its termination.

9. Quonset Ave. from 200th St. to 205th St.

10. Taylor Ave. from 200th St. to 210th St.

11. Victor Ave. from 180th St. to 190th St.

12. Victor Ave. from 210th St. to 220th St.

13. Taylor Ave. from 100th St. to 115th St.

14. York Ave. from 110th St. to 120th St.

15. York Ave. from 135th St. to 150th St.

16. Harrison Ave. from 100th St to 110th St.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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