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Man convicted in deadly drunk driving accident in jail again

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- A man who killed a Cedar Rapids woman in 2002 while driving drunk is back in jail.

Galen Ludvicek will serve a 14-day sentence after being caught drunk driving for a second time.

Ludvicek was the subject of a very public case that began in 2002, after he hit and killed Teresa Osburn and injured her husband Robert while driving drunk. Teresa was pregnant and her unborn child was saved through an emergency C-section.

Ludvicek agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced on lesser charges of involuntary manslaughter.   In all, he served less than a year in prison.

In his second drunk driving charge, an OWI from May 2010, law enforcement charged Ludvicek with OWI first offense and Ludvicek will serve only 14 days.

"Law enforcement doesn't have any control over the plea deals. Is it unfair that someone took the life of a human being and they're out of jail that quick, yea it's unfair, it's unfortunate," Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek said.

Calls to the Johnson County Attorney on Thursday afternoon were not returned.

Ludvicek failed to show up for his 14-day sentence on Wednesday and police had to issue a warrant for his arrest.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the original story we reported that Ludvicek was charged with a second offense OWI and accepted a plea deal for an OWI first offense. Since then, the Johnson County Attorney has clarified the incident, saying the original plea deal for the involuntary manslaughter did not count as an OWI charge. So when officers charged him with OWI second offense during the second drunk driving incident, it was an incorrect charge and had to be changed to a first offense OWI.

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