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Snowblowers flying off shelf in Dubuque


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- One Dubuque hardware store sold more than 100 snowblowers, Thursday through Sunday.

Steve's Ace Home and Garden in Dubuque - with its two locations - has also seen more than 50 snowblower repair jobs.

"People always anticipate that first snowfall, you know. Putting it off, putting it off, and then we get it, all of a sudden, so it kind of creates a feeding frenzy," power equipment manager Dave Bauer said.

He said the most common snowblower problem he sees, many people can fix at home. He said any fuel in the machine left over from last season will be drained of all its octane, which mean the snowblower won't start.

To solve this problem, he said, drain both the fuel tank and the carburetor.

"The fuel tank ain't the culprit. It's the carburetor," Bauer said. "Get it out of the carburetor, and that can be very simple. At the bottom of the bowl of the carburetor, there is usually a nut that you can loosen up, and it will just drain right out of there, get it out of the carburetor."

If a snowblower needs any repair come the end of winter, Bauer recommended bringing it to the repair shop in the spring, instead of waiting for the pre-snow rush next December.

He also said now is a perfect time to bring in lawn mowers in need of repair, so people avoid the spring rush.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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