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Iowa City man sentenced for his role in 2009 bank robbery


DAVENPORT (KWWL) --  An Iowa City man will spend more than 10 years in prison for his role in the July 2009 robbery of American Bank and Trust in Iowa City.

Charles Sila Curry, 20, who pleaded guilty on June 22, 2010, was sentenced on Friday to 40 months in prison for one count of armed bank robbery, and 84 months in prison for one count of possession of firearms in furtherance of violent crime. The sentences will be served consecutively for a total prison term of 124 months.

United States District Judge John A. Jarvey also ordered Curry to serve a term of five years of supervised release, pay $48,787.00 in restitution and pay $200 to the Crime Victims Fund.

Attorneys say Curry cased the bank before the robbery by asking a teller how to set-up direct deposit.

They say seconds later, Curry's accomplice entered the bank dressed in a black hooded sweat shirt, pulled up over his head and closed around his mouth, black pants, black gloves and black tennis shoes. They say he then pointed a handgun at the teller and moved behind the teller counter and demanded all the money.  The teller complied and emptied her cash drawers into a bag.

While pointing the handgun at the teller, attorneys say the accomplice moved into the window teller area and demanded money from three bank employees located in this area while pointing the handgun in their direction.

They say the accomplice then moved to the bank vault room where two employees opened the bank safe.

According to one witness, the accomplice said, "I'm going to give you ten seconds and then I'm going to shoot you."

He took all the money from the safe and left the bank, running across Scott Blvd. to a waiting car.

Attorneys say he took $70,536.

A North Liberty police officer told investigators that he heard that Curry told someone he would do whatever it takes to bond his friends out of jail. An investigator called the Johnson County Sheriff's Office and told them that Curry might try to bail out some of his friends. 

Jail staff told the investigator that Curry was at the jail turning himself in on a theft in the 5th degree charge, and that an associate was present with Curry to pay his bond.

Curry was bonded out of jail on a $325 dollar cash bond, paid with 16, twenty dollar bills and five one dollar bills. They say the serial numbers matched those of the money taken from the bank.

Curry and his accomplice were followed around the Iowa City/Coralville where investigators say they bought items with money taken from the bank.

When Curry was returned to his apartment, he was searched after being arrested.

Police say they found more than $2100 in one hundred dollar bills.

When they searched his apartment, police say they found 28 items bought from various stores in and around the Coral Ridge Mall following the robbery, 176 $100 dollar bills and one paper strap (for bundling currency) with American Bank & Trust, Teller #1603, 1 July 09@ stamped on the outside.

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