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Tow Plow clearing roads in Black Hawk County

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Road crews are getting ready to try out a new plow, one that might help make their time on the road more efficient.

It's called the Tow Plow. It's a plow that is towed by a truck and does the work of two. The drivers for this new piece of equipment say they are fully trained and are eager to see how it works.

Waterloo is just one of three cities to test out the new snow plows, Des Moines and Sioux City are the other two. The cost of each is right around $70,000.

They can clear 25 feet or almost two full lanes of traffic with a single pass. The goal of the Tow Plow is to do the work of two trucks and save the state time and money.

If you come upon the Tow Plow, the equipment operators ask that you drive sensible and maintain a safe distance.

"There's going to be a pretty big pile of snow at the end of the plow. The intent is to have trucks behind this thing to take it clear off the travel portion, but use caution," said Senior Equipment Operator Kip Siems.

Because it is so large, the Tow Plow will only be used on certain roads in Back Hawk County.

The Tow Plow was first tested in Missouri with great success, but a Missouri winter is much different than an Iowa winter. So they will see how it fares here.

The Missouri DOT reported productivity savings of 10-30% in labor, truck, and fuel expenses. Minnesota starting using the plows in 2008 and ten other states will start using the equipment this winter.

 Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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