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Dangers lurk with Christmas lights


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- If you learned about exterior illumination from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you better make a reservation at your nearest emergency room.

To find out what you really need to know when putting up Christmas lights we talked with the professionals at Christmas Decor in Waterloo.

First, they say you need a good ladder.

"Certainly placement of the ladder and proper use of the right ratings of the ladder. Make sure the weight of the user matches what the ladder is meant to be used for," said Branch Manager of Christmas Décor, Derek Mineart.

It's not just putting up the decorations that can be dangerous. It can be the decorations themselves and how much electricity they use. You got to use the right electrical cords as well as to make sure not to over load them.

"It can cause melting of a wire, possibly fire damage if the breaker doesn't trip like it's supposed to and more of a fire hazard than anything," said Mineart.

While stapling lights to your roof might be quick and easy, it's extremely dangerous.

"We use special designed fasteners for our Christmas Decor business. It's not a permanent fastener and it in no way has a risk of puncturing a wire causing a short and it's a very clean look and it's a safe look and has no long term impact on the house," said Mineart.

Employees with Christmas Decor say they began putting up Christmas lights already at the end of September. They expect to be working through the second week of this month.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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