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Tips to winterize your vehicle


IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- As the weather cools down, business is heating up at places like NAPA Auto Parts in Iowa City. Store manager Jim Wallerich is preparing for customers who are getting their vehicles ready for winter.

First, he recommends checking the age of your battery, making sure the positive and negative terminals are clean.

"Make sure you don't have any white corrosion or white-green corrosion on any terminals," Wallerich said. "If your battery is four to five years old, I'd definitely recommend it's due for replacement at that time."

Also check antifreeze levels, and be sure to use antifreeze that's rated for 30 to 35 degrees below zero.

"With our Iowa winters, we need to make sure of that," Wallerich told us.

He pointed out two other easy fixes - making sure your air filter is clean, and that you have plenty of de-icing washer fluid. Wallerich said the containers and caps for these items are typically under the hood, and easy to find.

"Most all your modern vehicles, it'll be out in the open, easy for you to see, easy for you to read," said Wallerich.

But there are some things you might need a shop to take care of, such as replacing shocks or struts, or getting new tires with better tread. At the very least, make sure your tires have the recommended amount of air in them before heading out for a winter drive.

"Running good tire pressure in the winter is going to help you get better traction," Wallerich explained.

Online Reporter:  Brady Smith

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