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Burning the calories during the holidays


WAVERLY (KWWL)-- The average American eats 3,000 to 3,500 calories during their Thanksgiving meal.

That statistic makes sense when you look at the number of people working out in the gym after the holiday.

"You kind of get that rush. I just ate all this food. I need to get in and get my exercise schedule going, but then it drops off as we get closer to Christmas because everybody get so busy," Nikki Hudnutt said..

Nikki Hudnutt is the assistant director of fitness at the "W" in Waverly.  She says it's important no matter how busy you are, to try and get in at least a 30 minute workout a few times a week.

She says workout classes are a great motivator for that and suggests starting right away instead of waiting to make a New Year resolution..

"You come in and you go too much too fast then your not going to stick with it and so whether you are joining a class two days a week, maybe you want to sign up with a personal trainer twice a week, maybe you want to meet a friend at the gym. Keep it limited so that it's not all of the sudden a brand new life style that your living," said Hudnutt.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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