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Stray bullet through house just misses couple


GRANT COUNTY, WIS. (KWWL) -- A hunter's stray bullet through a house Friday morning barely missed one couple.

By all accounts, it was an average Friday morning for Larry Kartman and his wife Ruth.

"My husband was sitting in his chair there, in his recliner, and I was sitting here," Ruth Kartman said. "All at once, we just heard an explosion. I thought it was the gas furnace in the basement."

"It was just a big explosion deal," Larry Kartman said. "But I knew it wasn't the furnace, like the wife said. I knew it was a gun shot."

The bullet came from the neighbor's property.

The Kartmans' fences didn't stop it, neither did three different walls. The third bullet hole was just eight feet from Ruth Kartman's spot on the couch.

"It was an awful experience," she said.

"And then it came out and hit that chair," Larry Kartman said, gesturing to a wooden chair in a side room. "I knew it'd hit wood because I heard wood splinter."

After nicking the chair, the shell hit the gun safe and landed on the carpet.

After calling 911, Ruth Kartman spotted the hunters in her backyard, and her husband went to question them.

"I said, 'Was you guys shooting?'" Kartman said, "And they said, 'Yeah, we were shooting at a deer.' Well, I said, 'The bullet come in our house.'"

Their neighbor's son, 26-year-old Michael Meier, said it was his stray bullet.

"Accidents happen," Larry Kartman said. "I don't have any hard feelings."

"I actually feel sorry for him, because I have four boys myself that hunt, and if it was one of them, I'd sure know how he'd feel," Ruth Kartman said.

With no injuries, minimal structural damage and the knowledge it was an accident, Larry Kartman said, "I'm really thankful that everything turned out the way it did...that it didn't get anybody."

As for the rest of hunting season, "now I kind of look around before I go outside," Ruth Kartman said. "See if I can see any orange."

"Once in a lifetime," her husband said. "That's enough."

Hunter Michael Meier said he has known the Kartmans his whole life, as he grew up on the neighboring property that still belongs to his parents.

He said in his 14 years of hunting experience, nothing like this has ever happened to him and he has no plans now to go hunting anymore this season.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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