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YGC: AGWSR students build leadership skills


WELLSBURG (KWWL) Middle school students are the future, and school leaders at AGWSR want to make sure they're prepared to be good leaders.

"I just want them to understand that there's two different kinds of leaders. Positive and negative. You can really step up and be that positive leader and help your peers out by directing them in the right way rather than leading them down the wrong path," said student council advisor Sandra Henning.

The school invited the Pride Academy to speak with 6th, 7th and 8th graders about character, specifically leadership.

"What's nice about the Pride Academy is it's not a lot of sitting. It's a lot of doing, and they put in groups and put in leadership roles and decide what's important," said Henning.

The Pride Academy is an initiative of the Iowa Hall of Pride, which is an interactive museum in Des Moines that showcases accomplished Iowans.

Chad Elsberry and Shelly Johnson with the Pride Academy travel the state speaking to students about good character.

"Leadership is really about decision making. Good decisions in personal life, but also good decisions that impact your fellow students and your community," said Chad Elsberry.

The students went through various exercises, like making a list of the qualities a leader should have.

"They should be a good helper and a good listener," said seventh grade Regan Rathe.

The students came in three groups, and they spent more than an hour discussing leadership.

Organizers hope the students walk away with a better idea of how they can be a good leader and why leadership is important.

"So if somebody needs help with anything then you can be there with them to help them through it," said Rathe.

AGWSR teachers say middle school is a great time to start shaping student leaders and creating positive attitudes for the future.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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