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Health Plus: Doctor award

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- It seems everyone who lives in Waverly has a connection to an 80-year-old doctor who's been practicing medicine in the community for more than 50 years.

In Health Plus, Tara Thomas honors a physician still happily on the job.

In 51 years on the job, Doctor John Brunkhorst has delivered babies who became his patients who now bring their own children to him at Covenant Clinic in Waverly.

"It's interesting. I enjoy taking care of the patients and I enjoy meeting them and just being around them," said Dr. John Brunkhorst with Covenant Clinic in Waverly.

The humble 80-year-old grew up in Masonville and was recently given a lifetime achievement award from the Iowa Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Adam Brooks is among those who nominated him.

"He was a tremendous mentor coming out of residency. He was always available. If you had a question he'd come in and take a look and listen and give you his opinion and tell you a great story about how they used to do things 20 to 30 years ago," said Dr. Brooks.

After five decades as a doctor, it's no surprise he delivered one of the nurses who now works with him.

 "Very well-deserved. I've worked with a lot of doctors in my career and he is one of the true original family physicians. So it's very well-deserved," said Jamie Sievers, who was delivered by Dr. Brunkhorst.

So what's different today in healthcare compared to years past?

"We used to make house calls and we saw how they lived at home. And we don't make any house calls hardly at all now," he said.

Dr. Brunkhorst is a father of six, including Waverly Mayor Bob Brunkhorst.

 Online Reporter: Tara Thomas

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