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DIRW: Potty Patch


by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Are you potty training a new puppy? Do you just hate taking your dog outside during the winter?

The "Potty Patch" is supposed to solve those problems and more. It's a fake patch of grass that claims to be the perfect alternative to a real yard.

Haylie Hughes and Josh Duben are the proud doggy owners of two-year-old Lola and four-month-old Graham.

The engaged couple and doggies live in an apartment in downtown Waterloo, so there's not much grass available.

"We have parks, but they're a couple blocks away. It's hard for potty training because you have to get your coat on, run downstairs," said Haylie Hughes.

Lola already uses a potty pad, but Hughes said it's not very nice to look at.

"It's kind of gross when we have people over because they can see where they went to the bathroom," said Hughes.

Hughes and Duben hope to train both dogs on the Potty Patch.

"We saw it at Walgreens once and we kind of looked and wondered if that works. I wonder if our dogs are going to try to chew on the grass. So, it's been something we've been curious about," said Josh Duben.

We dropped the Potty Patch off on a Sunday. Since any dog owner knows potty training doesn't happen over night, we decided to come back later. We left a hand-held camera behind to document the training.

"So it's Tuesday and Lola's been peeing next to it, but not on it yet and Graham peed on it once and it seems to be a fun play area. But it looks like tonight somebody hit the corner of it," said Hughes.

We came back six days later to get an update.

"It definitely looks a lot nicer than the regular potty pad. I just don't think it was enough time for our genius dogs to adjust," said Duben.

But there was a mini-breakthrough. Lola used the Potty Patch while we were there!

Hughes and Duben said it doesn't "magically" potty train your pets, but it's a nice tool for people like them who don't have a yard. They said there's no smell and it's very easy to clean.

For final grades, Josh gave the patch an 'A' for looks. Haylie gave it a 'B'. Her suggestion is for the sides to go up more because when her dogs peed near the edge, it ran off onto the floor. They plan to keep working with Lola and Graham to hopefully be completely potty trained with it.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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