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Does Listerine prevent sickness?

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL)-- Listerine's slogan is "kills germs that cause bad breath," but could it really kill the common cold or flu?

Recent blogs have suggested gargling twice a day with Listerine or salt water can really cut down on getting sick. These blogs say it was proven that it works, but with no scientific tests made what do the experts say?

Dr. Eric Kimball with Kimball and Beecher Dentistry says they already suggests the use of mouthwash to their patients.

"A lot of people do a good job, but a lot of people could benefit from it. We already recommend it."

But after hearing some buzz of Listerine helping to prevent sickness, this expert wasn't surprised.

"The oral cavity is a great place to transmit bacteria and other things to the rest of your body so it makes sense that as long as you have a healthy mouth or the healthier mouth you have the better chance you have at overall systemic health," said Dr. Kimball

Dr. Kimball says daily brushing and flossing usually does the job on cutting down on bacteria, but gargling mouth wash also helps with that.

"So the better job we do there the less bleeding we have and the less chance we have in transmitting to the rest of our body."

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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