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The cost of beauty and high heel surgery

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Some call it the price of beauty, others say it's going too far.  We're talking about having surgery just to be able to fit into a pair of high heels.

Some have toe length reductions, others bunion removals.  Then there's the "foot tuck."  That's where surgeons take fat from our midsections and put it under out toes for extra padding.  There's also the "Cinderella procedure".

"Sometimes the big toe joint will drift off over and they'll get a large bump so we take those bumps off an realign the foot to make it narrow," Podiatrist Dr. Dean Doorfman said.

The American Podiatric Medical Association does not endorse it, but doesn't condemn these cosmetic procedures.

"We may give you a beautifully shaped toe and a narrow foot, but it doesn't function as well as it did prior to the surgery. you may get some scare tissue in there that may hinder the range of motion of a toe that bent very freely that now doesn't bend so well," Dr. Doorfman said.

So what is the solution to those who insist on continuing with their high heel habit?  Experts say moderation.  That means don't wear a pair of 4 inch heels to the grocery store or the mall.

Leave the high heels for the dress to impress occasions.

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