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Waterloo mom wants finger shields for doors


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- It's something we all hate, getting our fingers pinched in the door. One Waterloo parent is making it her mission to prevent that from happening at the schools after her daughter was injured in an accident.

Tammy Steege was on her way to work when she was unexpectedly called by her daughter's school.

"When I arrived at the school the teacher was crying and the assistant principal was crying. They had gauze wrapped around and it was soaked in blood so I wasn't sure how bad it was, but I knew if they were crying it had to be bad," Steege said.

As Savannah was getting out of the bathroom, another little boy was coming in and accidentally shut her fingers in the door. Her fingers were by the hinges of the door and she just didn't get them out fast enough.

"After the x-ray they found out the tip of her finger was broken and these finger nails were lacerated so bad that they had to go down and repair the nail folds through surgery," Steege said.

Steege is now making it her mission to get finger shields installed on every door at the school.

"They prevent any object from being put inside the bad part where the hinges are. Its doesn't prevent anything from the front of the door, but those injuries aren't near as bad as the ones that are squeezed in between."

Steege hopes to make these finger shields required in all schools across the state.

Tammy Steege says she plans to be at the school board meeting Monday night and raise this issue to the attention of board members.

Sharon Miller with Waterloo schools says their operations manager is working with Steege to try and make this happen.

Right now they're working on finding a company that could supply the finger shields.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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