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Rockwell Collins celebrates major milestone of GPS product

CORALVILLE (KWWL)- War veteran and two-time purple heart recipient Curtis Crawford can thank a product for saving his life.

''The round that took me home, I was shot by a Syrian sniper and it went out through my chest and out by back,'' Crawford said.

Crawford was wounded by enemy fire three times during his two tours in Iraq.  It was a GPS receiver that got medical help to Crawford in just a matter of minutes.

''All we have to do is look down where we're at, and then radio where we're at, and it's making it a lot faster and saving lives in that way,'' Crawford said.

The product is called the DAGR and was developed by Cedar Rapids-based Rockwell Collins.

The DAGR is the standard gps receiver used by the United States military.  It works to provide soldiers on the front line with positioning information, directions, and the ability to mark suspected enemy locations.

''It has most everything you'd see in a commercial GPS, however it can withstand the environments that our soldiers obviously have to operate with around the world,'' said Rockwell Collins CEO Clay Jones.

Thursday the company celebrated its 400,000 unit delivered to the military, a testament to the product's effectiveness and reliability.

''The kind of effort we put in to the reliability of this product and that it's going to work like it's supposed as you can imagine is profound, and everybody at Rockwell Collins knows people's lives depend on what they do every day,'' Jones said.

Fittingly, the 400,000th unit was delivered Thursday to Crawford himself.  A reminder of the critical nature of the product's function.

Online Reporter- Jason Epner

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