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Grassley and Conlin make last minute push for voters

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Less than 24 hours away from elections and everyone is out on the road, making one final push to voters, specifically the race for United States Senate. Republican incumbent Charles Grassley stopped in Dubuque Monday, while Democratic candidate Roxanne Conlin visited Iowa City.

Conlin rolled in on Governor Chet Culver's victory express. She told the crowd she's confident  supporters will rally Tuesday.

"We can do this. We know the votes are there. We know there are enough votes for us to win, and a whole lot of them are right here in Johnson County," Conlin said.

Meanwhile, Monday afternoon Senator Grassley stopped at Dubuque's Republican headquarters. He spent some time thanking volunteers and campaigning for First District candidate Ben Lange.

"Well I think that there are several things that indicate that this is going to be a very close race and we're doing all we can to get out and encourage people to vote," Grassley said.

Both candidates will be campaigning up until the nighttime, hoping to get every last vote.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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