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Concerns over punctured packaging


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- A Dubuque man said he opened a box of Hy Vee Panburger Partner and found punctured packaging.

Panburger Partner is Hy Vee's version of Hamburger Helper.

The man said he wanted to remain anonymous, citing concern over whether Hy Vee might ban him from stores.

He said Saturday night he opened the box of Panburger Partner to find the bottom of the box flimsily glued together, as though, he said, it had been re-sealed. Then he found the flavor packet and bag of potatoes each had two tiny puncture holes in them.

"Yeah, the powder's coming out," he said, holding the flavor packet in his hand.

He said he bought the box on Tuesday and saw a lot of other people doing the same thing, since the product was on sale.

"You can just imagine how many there are out there right now that could be tampered with," he said. "They should at least warn people that something may have been contaminated in some way. At least look at them."

The Locust Street Hy Vee, where the man said he bought the box, declined to comment on the situation, saying managers on duty deal with each customer complaint as it comes.

However, the man said the manager he spoke with when he called the store Saturday evening wasn't very helpful.

"I told him, plain and simple, the box had been re-glued shut and there was some puncture marks in the packages inside, and he said, 'Well, what am I supposed to do about it? I'll let somebody know next week sometime,'" the main said. "I called another location and got pretty much the same reaction."

He said one manager offered him a replacement box of Panburger Partner.

"I told him, 'I don't care about a replacement. It cost less than a dollar. No big deal. It's the safety of everybody else who may eat it,'" he said.

The man said he called the FDA, which said it would look into the matter. He said the FDA also told him someone would pick up the package from him and test its contents.

Online Reporter Becca Habegger

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