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YGC: Fayette County Dairy Quiz Bowl Team


by Danielle Wagner

FAYETTE (KWWL) -- Logan Worden from Oelwein, Chelsey Fagle from Fayette,Rachel Scott from Maynard, Joey Adams from Waucoma, and Brant Wade from Calmar make up this year's Senior Fayette County Dairy Quiz Bowl Team.

They won the state competition in June and compete the first weekend in November in the national competition. More than 20 teams will face off in Louisville, Kentucky.

"There's people form New York, California, Georgia and it's really a great interaction between the kids because they have them all go into a holding room and they get to hand out stuff and this year's theme is 'Get Wild with Iowa' so we have fun safari themed animals we're going to hand out to them," said Katie Steinlage.

Steinlage is one of several coaches. She was on the team in 2008, when Fayette County placed second in the national competition. She said being on the quiz bowl team means knowing a wide range of information related to the dairy industry.

"Famous people in agriculture, famous cows, pretty much anything a veterinarian would have to know, going to have to know organizations and important dates in agriculture," said Steinlage.

The national competition is double elimination. Four people are allowed to compete with one alternate.

"A moderator asks questions and someone keeps time and you have four people on a team with a chance to buzz in, but before that there's five team questions that each team gets asked," said Joey Adams.

After the group questions, there are 15 toss up questions. That's when you need to buzz in the fastest. The teams also take a test the night before the competition.That test ranks the teams and goes into the final score to decide the winner.

17-year-old Joey Adams is the team captain. He said quiz bowl has really helped him build character.

"I have to be dedicated to this and it gives me responsibility," said Adams.

The team usually practices once or twice a week, plus outside studying. It's a big time commitment, but it will help many of these students in the long run.

"Not only is this helping them right now in the national contest, it's going to help them decide their future. Many are dairy farmers and so it's helping them learn better management practices for their farm," said Katie Steinlage.

The students leave Thursday, November 4 and return Sunday, November 7. The competition is Saturday.

If you'd like to help the students pay for their trip to Kentucky, donations can be sent to the Fayette County Extension Office in Fayette.

The address is:

Fayette County Extension
201 E. Clark Street #101
Fayette, IA 51242

Please specify "Dairy 4-H" on checks.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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