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Vice President Biden in Dubuque

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Vice President Joe Biden spoke in Dubuque on Friday, telling a crowd of about 600 people that electing Republicans would return the nation to failed economic policies.

Air Force II landed at the Dubuque Regional Airport Friday morning.

The Vice President was joined by Congressman Bruce Braley and Senator Tom Harkin at the Grand River Center at the "Get Out the Vote" rally, in support of Braley's re-election campaign.

"We brought home 100,000 combat troops, we're leaving behind a stable country and we're gonad bring every single combat troop as I promised two years ago," Biden said.

He defended Democrats sitting their handling of the economy, national debt and what he called the recession.

"We began first by beginning to rebuild Americas infrastructure. Which also put people back to work. 30,000 projects, 400 of those projects right here in Iowa," Biden said.

Biden called Dubuque the best town in Iowa, saying it reminded him of where he grew up. Biden said the nation can't afford to go backwards and must return to Democratic incumbents.

Overall, trying to make a statement, as Democrats across the United States slip in the polls. But supporters of the rally believe they noise reflects success.

"I thought was spot on in his comments," Biden supporter Rebecca Guerdet said.

"He was right on. We gotta keep the republicans from taking over," Biden supporter Sam Chatfield said.

"He told it like it was, not like the lies we hear. He spoke the truth," Carla Coleman said.

And with just a few days left to convince voters, a visit from the Vice President, supports say is just what they need.

"Democrats are trying they really are. Especially those in office and I don't think they're getting enough credit for what they're doing," Kevin Healy said.

The last time Vice President Biden was in Iowa was just a couple weeks ago, campaigning for Congressman Leonard Boswell in Des Moines.

Braley is running against Republican Ben Lange for the U.S. Representative - District 1 seat.


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