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Arrest-Free for 24 Hours

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Officer Kristin Hoelscher has worked the second shift with Waterloo Police for nearly a decade. In all that time driving these streets, she can't recall a single day like Tuesday.

"When they said that, I was really surprised, I couldn't believe that! It's definitely not normal," she commented.

"As being a 30 year veteran of the Waterloo Police Department, I don't ever remember that ever happening in the history of the police department," added Captain Tim Pillack.

Pillack goes through the arrest reports every morning. When he came in Wednesday, he was surprised to see a very, very short list.

"Captain Pillack came to me Wednesday morning, and advised me that we actually went 24 hours without arresting a single individual," said Chief Dan Trelka.

That's right -- an entire day in Waterloo without one person heading to jail.

"I consider this to be one small victory in our huge war on crime and violence," Trelka explained.

Trelka is not naive enough to think they've eliminated crime in Waterloo.

"Sadly, there were people engaging in criminal activity during that time period that we simply did not catch, but it wasn't for lack of effort," he said.

But it is an indication that they're on the right track.

"We have a long way to go, there's a lot of hard work. But the efforts of the Police Department and many, many members of the community are paying off," Trelka added.

Trelka dismissed the idea that the strong winds played a factor in this. The weather may have kept people indoors. But he noted, when people are cooped up, they tend to drink more, which can lead to fighting and domestic abuse calls. He's hoping this is the first of more arrest-free days for the city.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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