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Volunteer repairs car as Red Cross Response Vehicle

WEST UNION (KWWL) -- Several months back, a 1996 Oldsmobile was just sitting in the parking lot of the Hawkeye Chapter of the Red Cross in Waterloo.

Jaime Hackley, a volunteer from West Union, saw the car and asked for a chance to get it running again.

It's not the newest or fanciest car, but that's okay.

"It doesn't matter to me. As long as it works. If it can stay up and running another year or two that'd be great," said Jaime Hackley.

Hackley admits, it probably wasn't safe to drive from Waterloo to West Union, but he made it.

He said the belts on the motor were torn, it needed an oil change and radiator flush and new battery and exhaust.

But thanks to help from people in Fayette County, it's almost as good as new.

NAPA Auto Parts in West Union donated all the parts, Wilbur Ford donated the labor, the Rec Room in Oelwein donated the decals and West Union Motors donated snow tires to be put on soon.

Hackley covers all of Fayette County for the Red Cross. This response vehicle means he can get to disasters faster.

Before the car, he was either driving his own truck or driving to Waterloo to get a response vehicle and then driving back to Fayette County.

"It saves a lot on response time, and also I'm able to carry all the emergency equipment with me in this vehicle. All the paperwork, care kits, comfort kits, quilts and so forth," said Hackley.

Since getting the car up and running, he's responded to 11 disasters in Fayette County, including flooding and fires.

Hackley's been a Red Cross volunteer since 2002. Right now he's working on getting some office space in West Union since the Red Cross branch office in Oelwein closed for budget reasons.

Online Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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