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Mayton sentenced to 55 years for murder


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Tuesday,  Michael Mayton was back in court for sentencing on a murder charge. Mayton was convicted of stabbing David Tate to death and wounding a neighbor, Richard Schramm, Junior.

During the murder trial David Tate's mother often sat in the front row of the courtroom, listening to the testimony of her son's murder. But after the incidents that happened, she simply couldn't come back in this courtroom. Tuesday, during the sentencing she gave a very emotional video victim impact statement.

"He was my son and you took him," Tate's mother Linda Sarden said in a video impact statement. "David did not deserve to die, not like that," she went on to say.

After an alleged assault on Dubuque County Attorney Ralph Potter, following the trial, Sarden couldn't return to court. Instead she recorded a video impact statement that directly addressed Michael Mayton and shared memories of her son.

"Michael I hate the sin that you committed. And I despise what you didn't do. You didn't even try to help him and you know David would have helped you," Sarden said.

Members of Tate's family sat in the gallery, as tears fell from their eyes.

All of this coming after two Dubuque County officers escorted Mayton into the courtroom, entering from the Judge's Chamber. Two other officers were present during the sentencing as the judge asked each side to present their recommendations.

The prosecution asked that Mayton be sentenced to 50 years for the murder of David Tate and 5 years for the stabbing of Richard Schramm, consecutively.

The Defense asked that they be served concurrently because of 'a long series of events that ended in a tragedy'.  But the judge sentenced Mayton to consecutive terms, based on the fact that he was convicted of two crimes, on two different people.

"It would be an injustice to the victims, to the victims families and to the public to run these counts concurrent so they will run these counts consecutive," Judge Lawrence Fautsch said.

And as required by law Mayton will have to serve 70 percent of that 50 year sentence. That means he'll spend at least 35 years in prison.

Mayton entered a "not guilty" plea for assaulting the attorney. His trial for that is set for the end of November.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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