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Ron Steele interviews Governor Chet Culver

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The election is November 2nd and campaign advertisements make it so people can't avoid politics. However, campaign ads aren't the only thing people should use in deciding who to pick. Voters have seen candidates running for governor debate three times, but questions still remain to be asked.

To help clear the confusion, Ron Steele is conducting interviews with Governor Chet Culver and republican challenger Terry Branstad.

Ron's first question to Governor Culver came from a viewer named Gordy.  Gordy said, "I'm going to vote for Chet Culver. But, I don't want to vote for Chet."  Ron asked Culver why Gordy is feeling that way and how he would respond to him.

"First of all, Gordy, thank you for your vote," Gov. Culver said.  "I really do appreciate it. I'm going after one vote at a time. I believe in retail politics. That's why I've been in Waterloo twice in the past week. Here's why Gordy should feel good about voting for me. We were just recognized as being the 3rd best run State in America. According tor 24/7 Wall Street. They rated all of the state. They looked at our surplus. Our Triple-A bond rating. Our balanced budget. Our bio-economy, which is allowing Iowa to be the National leader in renewable energy."

'We're getting the job down. And, we're moving Iowa forward during some very tough economic times. And, more close to home, we're fighting for those small business owners, those homeowners, and communities. Waterloo and Cedar Falls that got hit by the floods of '08. I'm fighting every single day to help those individuals and those communities come back," Culver said.

"A lot of people do give you credit for admitting you made mistakes," Steele commented.  Ron then asked Culver what the biggest mistake he has made in his first term and if given a second term, how he would correct it to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"Well, I think it's really as matter of doing a little better job communicating with Iowans," Culver replied.  "Letting them know exactly what we're doing and why we're doing it. The I-Jobs initiative. The local Mayors understood the reason for that. The local economic development folks, the legislators. But, I want to make sure I do a better job of communicating directly with my constituents, and frankly, I'd love to spend a little more time out across this beautiful state, instead of fighting floods and tornadoes. We've really dealt with a lot of natural disasters, which has taken a lot of my time. For example, I've been to Cedar Rapids more than 100-times on flood-recovery projects, which hasn't allowed me enough time to spend in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area-doing the Rotaries and the Chambers-giving me a chance to communicate with my constituents and I'll make a guarantee I'll do a better job of that in my next term."

"Everyone is concerned about unemployment in Iowa. It's one of the highest we can ever remember. Michael Fitzgerald sat in this very seat last week and said, everything is fine. A balanced budget in Iowa. A surplus, he says," said Steele.  Ron next asked the Governor who's telling the truth about Iowa's finances and where the state stands right now.

"No one can deny the fact that today, the budget is balanced," Culver said.  "That today, we have a Triple-A bond rating. And today, we have a $700 million surplus. Terry Branstad has to admit that. The Republican Auditor has to admit that. That's the great news.  We have balanced the budget every single day that I have been Governor. There is always a projected gap, because we don't know what the Federal Government will do or won't do next year."

Ron also asked Culver about same sex marriage, political ads like 'Big Debt Chet,' the Supreme Court justice retention vote, and IJobs.  Watch the video attached to this story to see the response.

Watch for Ron's interview with Terry Branstad on the KWWL News at 5:00 on Thursday.

Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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