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Neighbor reacts to Waterloo shooting


WATERLOO (KWWL)-- The Waterloo Police Department was called around 4:30 am Tuesday and again at 6:30 am for shots fired on the 700 block of Allen street. The second time police found seven, nine millimeter shell casings.

Christopher Wilson was awakened not once, but twice by the sound he doesn't want to ever hear again.  Gun shots rang near his house.

"I laid back down and went back to bed before I went to work this morning and 6:30 this morning I hear another round of gun shots about six or seven of them," said Wilson.

Wilson says less than a block away from the shootings kids are picked up by the school bus and that is hard for him to think about.

"Thank goodness it wasn't towards them and hopefully they weren't suspect to it and had to see it and go through it either because that's something they don't need to be seeing either. Now they are definitely not going to want to go to school bus stop right there. I know I wouldn't."

The Waterloo Police Department is still investigating. Captain Pillack says they are still not sure if both of the shootings are related.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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