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District 28 Murphy/Kern race draws attention


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- A race proving to be interesting: House District 28. It covers the majority of the Southern Dubuque-area. Republican candidate Paul Kerns is running against incumbent and Speaker of the House, Pat Murphy.

Just 12 days before elections, and the historically Democratic Iowa House of Representatives District 28 race is drawing attention. Incumbent Pat Murphy has 21 years of experience and has raised more than $150,000, most of which goes to help other Democratic campaigns.

"I've spent about $5,000 in my race. I'll probably spend $8,000 to $10,000. The rest will go the help elect other Democrats that are focused on the issue of putting Iowans back to work," Murphy said.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Paul Kerns is running against Murphy and has raised around $50,000, which he says he's used to campaign locally.

"Almost all of our money has been raised within the district. We've used to promote what we stand for. Jobs, and the economy out of control, wasteful spending and the return to citizen legislature," Kern said.

Both candidates recognize the importance of jobs and the economy. Yet, they differ on their approach.

"Our goal is to continue to do whatever we can to spur the economy, knowing the government is not the answer but it can help in ways that put people back to work for shorter periods of time and help bring companies to Iowa for the long term," Murphy said.

"I have 30-plus years in business. I know what it means to employ people, I know how to balance a checkbook. So when you look at that I think I bring a lot to the state," Kern said.

Come November 2nd, voters will take to the polls to decide whether they want to be represented by experienced Speaker of the House Pat Murphy or vote a new face, Paul Kern, as a member of the current minority party.

Voters in Dubuque will also choose House District 27. That's Republican Hank Linden running against incumbent Democrat Chuck Isenhart.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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