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Donkey and horse share special bond

by Danielle Wagner

ROWLEY (KWWL) A donkey and a horse. Recca and CoStar. Best buddies.

"We knew they were bonded, but we didn't realize how much," said Amanda Johnson.

The two arrived at Rural Iowa Animal Rescue in Rowley about a week ago. They were originally in Wisconsin, but the owners could no longer care for them.

They arrived at night, and Rescue Director Amanda Johnson quickly learned the pair is always at each other's sides.

"The next morning we came out and we watched as everywhere the donkey went the horse was right after her. We watched, if the donkey got too far ahead, she'd slow down and turn around and come back and let the horse know she was there just by touching her with her nose," said Johnson.

Why are they so close? Well, you might say Recca is CoStar's eyes. According to a veterinarian, CoStar is fully blind in her left eye and mostly blind in her right eye. So, Recca is CoStar's seeing eye donkey!

Recca especially helped CoStar adjust to her new home in Rowley.

"When we first put the water tank out we tried to show CoStar where it was, but she lost her bearings. So Recca would go over and nudge her until she found it," said Johnson.

To help CoStar "find her way," Johnson attached a pink, cat bell to Recca's halter.

"Before we didn't have a bell on Recca, so the horse would run into the donkey just to find her. So we put a bell on the donkey's halter and now she kind of knows where she's at and she can hear her when she walks around," said Johnson.

Johnson is even trying to train Recca to ring the bell for CoStar. The goal is to find them a forever home where they can be pasture buddies.

"They're very friendly, very lovely and they will have to go to a home together just because of that bond. We don't want to separate them," said Johnson.

Watching them together, it's true, they need each other.

"These two, they rely so heavily on each other. Even Recca relies on CoStar. She needs that companionship and it's like she thrives off being able to help CoStar see," said Amanda Johnson.

The best buddies appear to be the definition of loyalty.

CoStar is a six-year-old mare and Recca is somewhere in her teens. If they're not adopted soon, the rescue will need supplies to help make the pasture ready for winter.

Also, there's a chance some corrective eye surgery could help CoStar see better, that would cost around $2,000.

If you'd like more information on adopting Recca and CoStar, or if you're interested in making a donation to Rural Iowa Animal Rescue, you can contact Amanda Johnson at 319-961-4465.

You can also visit the website.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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