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Oh Baby: Baby dies after pulling monitor cord in crib

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KWWL) -- A parent's worst nightmare, the death of a child from an accident in the home.

A death that could have been prevented.

A father who recently lost his baby girl due to a tragic accident that could happen to anyone, and can easily be prevented.

He's speaking out so that what happened to his child, doesn't happen to anyone else's.

"Give mommy high five!"

Savannah Pereira, happy, healthy, the week before her 10-month-life was cut short.

"We spent a lot of time outdoors with her," Savannah's father Charley Pereira said. "Outside in the backyard picking flowers, teaching her bugs and butterflies."

Like all parents, Savannah's mom and dad bought all the equipment to keep a baby happy and healthy.

Toys, high chairs, and most important for safety, they thought, a baby monitor listen and watch her when she was in her crib.

"It's natural for parents to want to have whatever technology available to them to better assure the safety of their child," Pereira said.

Savannah's parents knew the monitor had to be placed where she could not reach it, but close enough to hear and see her. What they didn't know was that fateful day, Savannah had learned to pull herself up in her crib.

"She was in her crib and somehow the accident happened. She had reached a milestone in her life apparently where she suddenly learned how to stand and that was the end of her life," he said.

Her parents believe Savannah grabbed the monitor, pulled it into her crib, and was strangled by the cord.

Safety experts at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission say six children in the past six years have died just this way.

To demonstrate, the commission placed these monitors too close to a crib.

"Babies change from day to day. One day they are immobile, but the next day they are up," CPSC spokeswoman Patty Davis said. "What can happen here is the child can easily reach the cord. It is so close, it can get entangled on the baby and the baby can strangle."

CPSC is issuing this alert to remind parents to keep all video and audio monitors away from cribs and out of children's reach.

"We are investigating monitors to see if there are adequate warnings on them so the parents and caregivers know that the cords can be a strangulation hazard to their babies," Davis said.

"It's shocking," Pereira said. "You try to do everything you can, and this is ironically called a video safety monitor."

Savannah's parents want other parents warned. They surround themselves with memories of her short life, photos, her sneakers on the mantel.

"I would give up my life to have her back," Pereira said. "We cry everyday. She was everything we could have hoped for. You are always going to cry."

Savannah's parents have set up a fund in her memory to provide financial assistance to families struggling with infertility, but who can not afford treatments.

To learn more about Savannah's fundraising click here.

 Online Anchor: Sunny Layne

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