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No-See-Um bugs leave their mark


CEDAR FALLS (KWWL)-- You may have been enjoying a nice day outside, and then it's interrupted by an annoying bite. It could have been a fly or mosquito or it could have been a "no-see-um."

"They look very similar to a mosquito except their mouth part. They actually bite you, where a mosquito has like a straw that they inject and suck the blood out," said Chris Anderson, Hartman Nature Reserve.

These bugs are a kind of midge insect that is commonly called "no-see-ums." If you are bit, the welt may last around a week.

Chris Anderson with the Hartman Nature Reserve in Cedar Falls says only the females bite.

"The males feed on nectar and they are feeding on blood for egg production."

Anderson says no-see-ums are most commonly found near low lying wetland areas.

"It grows up in the sand and mud after the water has receded so right now all the water we have in our low lying wetlands is starting to dry up and that's why we are getting an influx of midges."

Anderson says the no-see-um bugs shouldn't last much longer. As soon as the temperature drops or the ground freezes then they should be gone.

Anderson suggests using insect repellant or wearing long sleeves if you want to protect yourself from them.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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