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Who owns this ring?

WEST UNION (KWWL) -- Looking for little treasures is kind of a hobby for Luke Anderson.

"He finds all kinds of neat stuff, but this is probably the most exciting," said his mom, Amanda Lawless Anderson.

His eyes are always on the alert for shiny objects in the ground. But Luke's discovery last week was nothing short of amazing.

"I looked down, and I saw this piece of metal sticking up out of the ground," Luke recalled.

Like any good kid would, Luke ran up to the stands to show his mom and grandma what he'd found.

"It looked like a class ring -- cool! So we cleaned it up with a wipe that she had, and the dirt started to come off it, and then it was really exciting," said Amanda.

They'd uncovered the words "United States Marines." The family realized, this is much more than piece of jewelry. It could be a part of history.

"Just that overwhelming thought that, we've gotta find whoever it belongs to," Amanda explained.

The biggest challenge in finding out who the ring belongs to is that Luke found it on the visitors side of the field. So the owner could be from any number of Eastern Iowa communities, and could have lost it years ago.

The Anderson's have contacted local schools, military organizations, and even the company that made the ring. So far, they've come up with nothing. But they're confident that whatever led Luke to find the ring, will lead them to the rightful owner.

"On one side of the ring it does say Iwo Jima 1945. And you think, for someone to have gone through that, it's the lest we can do to put in our time and make a very small sacrifice compared to their very large sacrifice," Amanda said.

"It's not mine, it's theirs. And they deserve it," added Luke.

The Anderson's are hoping the ring's owner, or their family member, will see this story and give them a call. Amanda's number is (563) 224-7724.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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