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It's time to watch out for deer


WATERLOO (KWWL)-- Its that time of year again and no, not just hunting season.

"Any time of year you need to be watching out for deer, but during October, November, December, those are where we see the majority of our car/deer accidents," Trooper M. L. Sigwarth, Iowa State Patrol.

Trooper Sigwarth understands some drivers want to avoid killing the deer, but he says it is important that you not swerve to avoid hitting them.

"Make sure you break firmly. Keep your vehicle under control. Keep it on the road way and keep it in your lane of travel. If you swerve to miss the deer your going to end up in the opposing lane of traffic and may hit another vehicle."

According to State Farm Insurance, Iowa is rated number two behind New Hampshire in traffic accidents with deer.

Trooper Sigwarth says he's not surprised.

"The public can diminish those chances by making sure they pay attention. Do what your suppose to and be aware, yes we are in Iowa and we do have deer. We are going to have to pay attention."

The Iowa Department of Transportation says nearly 3,500 drivers reported an accident with a deer last year. Nine people were killed.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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