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Bed bugs on the rise in Linn County


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Linn County Public Health has received increased calls from the pest control companies, hotels, property owners, and the public concerning bed bug infestations. Bed Bugs are not known to cause disease but bites can cause small itchy welts or red marks, which can result in a secondary infection from scratching. Other reported effects include anxiety and insomnia. Bed bugs are prevalent in our community so precautions should be taken to protect yourself and your family.

To prevent a bed bug infestation:

  • Never bring bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture found on the street or dumpsters into your home.
  • Inspect the bed and furniture when traveling. Keep suitcases off the floor and bed, and inspect them before leaving.
  • If you suspect you have been around bed bugs, wash and dry your clothing and shoes on hot settings or store the items in a sealed plastic bag until you can appropriately treat.

Bed bug control is most effective when occupants, pest management professionals, and property management work together. Everyone plays a critical part in controlling infestations. Access for inspection and treatment is essential. Excess clutter will need to be controlled, as it creates places for bed bugs to hide and hampers inspection and treatment. This can lead to additional chemical treatments and unnecessary pesticide exposure.

If there is a bed bug infestation:

  • Get rid of clutter in sleeping areas. Clutter gives bed bugs a place to hide.
  • Moving from an infested bed to another part of the home can cause the bed bugs to follow you and potentially infest other furniture.
  • Wash all items in hot water (130°F) and dry on the highest setting for at least 20 minutes. For items that cannot be washed, 20 minutes in a hot clothes dryer will kill bed bugs.
  • If you discard infested furniture, label it "BED BUG INFESTED" or deface to prevent others from using.
  • For proper disposal of bed bug infested belongings contact the Solid Waste Agency at (319) 377-5290

For more information on bed bugs, call United Way 211 by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-866-469-2211, visit, or visit our facebook page.





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