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Nathan Clubb - Democrat for Iowa House


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A fifth-generation Iowan, Nathan Clubb grew up in a modest, working-class family in Sigourney. His Iowa roots combined with his strong family values have helped shape his views and attitudes. Nathan's family always stressed honesty, integrity, the value of education, and common sense.

Nathan attended the local Sigourney Community Schools, graduating with honors from Sigourney High School in 2007. He then accepted an offer of admission from Grinnell College. Grinnell College is both an internationally renowned institution of higher learning and the closest 4 year college to Iowa House District 76, allowing Nathan to obtain a first-class education while remaining close to his home and family.

Nathan's mother, Kathy, has spent close to 30 years working in local Iowa schools as a Speech Therapist with the AEA. His father, Richard, has lived in Sigourney for his entire life, and currently works for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Nathan has previously worked for the National Defense University at Ft. McNair in Washington, DC researching Near East and South Asian affairs. He has also worked on Congressman Leonard Boswell's congressional reelection campaign in addition to being the state student coordinator for Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential campaign. Both of these positions gave Nathan the opportunity to talk with Iowans from the district about the problems they are facing and the ideas they have to move forward.

The Issues:

Jobs: We need to attract employers to rural Iowa and to create and retain stable, well-paying jobs in the region.

Education: We must ensure that all residents of Iowa receive a comprehensive education that will prepare them to be successful at our community colleges, Regent Universities, and private higher educational institutions.

Young Iowans: We need to create recreational and employment opportunities to encourage young people to stay in Iowa and help curb the trend of relocation by our college graduates.

Rural Southeast Iowa has long suffered from a lack of educational funding and economic opportunities, which has caused an exodus of its young, educated residents. We need to create local opportunities for young Iowans to give them the option of staying in their communities. We also need to ensure that our communities are attractive to young families who are looking for a place to settle down. In order to create this environment, we need good jobs, recreational resources, and a first-class educational system for our children. As State Representative, I will work to reform our tax laws, including those dealing with credits and incentives, and to develop a payment system for schools that is based less on property taxes.

Taxes: The Iowa State Legislature has been successful in balancing our state budget in recent years without raising taxes despite the economic downturn. I am committed to carefully examining all expenditures by the state, and reforming the tax credit and incentive system used by the state of Iowa. I will ensure that we are using our budget in the most resourceful way possible, a way that most benefits our citizens without placing a heavier tax burden on them during these difficult economic times.

Education: Students residing in House District 76 deserve the same level of education as the students in West Des Moines and Sergeant Bluff, but do not receive it because their district does not have the same level of tax bases that exists in more affluent, suburban communities. I believe that every student in the Iowa public school system deserves to receive the same excellent level of education, regardless of their community's wealth. By providing every Iowa student with a good education, we are creating the basis for a strong future for our state. The current educational structure is overly dependent on property taxes as a basis for school funding, which puts schools in less affluent districts at a distinct disadvantage. I plan to look into restructuring this funding system to create a fairer procedure that will allow all Iowa children to receive a top-quality education.

Job creation: We need to examine our existing tax credits and incentives and create new ones that will encourage the growth of small businesses. We also need to restructure our commercial property and corporate tax rates in an effort to attract new businesses. I believe that Iowa should continue its efforts to increase the size of our green industry, a segment of our economy that is growing quickly and will produce numerous local jobs. I will support and continue to develop the incentives programs that have contributed to the development of this industry and which have helped Iowa to lead the nation in its commitment to the environment by converting 20 percent of our energy to wind farms.

Jobs, education, taxes, and opportunities for young Iowans are foremost on my list of priorities. I know first-hand the importance of creating the right opportunities in Iowa to encourage our young residents to stay. I've seen my friends and family members reluctantly leave their communities in search of better opportunities. We need to create these same opportunities here to give young people the option of staying in Iowa. We need good jobs and low taxes, great schools in every district, and more recreational and cultural resources and as State Representative I will work to address these issues.

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