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Oh Baby: Homeschool Online

MICHIGAN (KWWL) -- Some students who are home-schooled are doing it using new computerized technology in Michigan.

Students have computers and go online to do a lot of their work in addition to having a virtual teacher and textbooks.

This is a different way of home schooling from just a few years ago.

Lynn Currie has been home schooling her children for four years, but this year, she's less of a teacher and more of a learning coach.

"Pretty much all of their stuff is online. They do have hard text books but they do have a virtual text book," she said.

"I can do it more by myself," 8th-grader Nicholas said.

It's all thanks to a state-funded online public school called Michigan Connections Academy. Home schoolers must them follow state guidelines such as giving required assessment tests.

All the books and other materials are provided and each child has his own teacher. As the students get older, there's usually more than one teacher assigned.

"It's different almost every day. You can do it in any order," 4th-grader Paige said. "It doesn't matter what time."

These kids are learning everything from math and science to physical education and art. And if there is something they are not understanding, all they have to do is contact the teacher who regularly monitors their progress.

"We know that we're reading state required stuff, curriculum guidelines that the public school students are also getting so it's a little but structured," Lynne said.

Upon completion the Currie kids will receive an accredited high school diploma from one of the two statewide school districts.

But until then, their learning will remain interactive and that's the way they like it.

"I learned that school can be fun sometimes," Paige said.

Education changed for Iowa's children in 1991, that's the year the legislature passed a home schooling law.

Online Anchor: Sunny Layne 

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