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Debate in race for 1st District U.S. House of Representatives

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- Candidates running for U.S. Congress debated at Wartburg College Sunday morning. 

KWWL broadcasted the taped debate Sunday afternoon.  It was between two lawyers, Rep. Bruce Braley and Ben Lange.  The two were asked questions about healthcare, the federal deficit, defense spending, education, immigration and more.

"I don't know why Ben's secret donors are spending millions of dollars to buy this election. I don't know what it is about me that bothers them so much they're willing to spend millions of dollars trying to get me to lose this race," democratic Rep. Bruce Braley said.

"This election is a referendum on President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bruce Braley.  If you have lost faith in America, and believe the largest single role of government is to take over companies, bailout companies and have government control your health care decisions, I've said before, Vote for my opponent," republican challenger Ben Lange said.

"The most important thing is that we talked about issues which distinguish us and my opponent has proposed a tax plan that would provide billionaires a $100 million tax break.  I, on the other hand, favor extending tax cuts to the 98 per cent of Americans who earn less than $250,000 a year. That's a very clear difference between the two of us," Braley said.

"I asked my Dad a couple of days ago when we first saw the ad, 'Do we even know a billionaire?' And, of course, the answer is no. That's just a tactic he's using to divert attention away from the issues. But, I'm going to continue to talk about the issues that matter to Eastern Iowans; health care, cap and trade, stimulus, on down the track. And, talk about his voting record; that's what this election is all about a referendum on his policies he continues to support," Lange said.

Philosophical differences were very evident on how big government should be, tax cuts, health care reform-the likes. The final say. of course, comes from the voters three weeks from Tuesday on election day, November 2.

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