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Health Plus: Blood cancer, Part 1

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Every four minutes someone is reportedly diagnosed with a blood cancer.

For one Gilbertville couple, that diagnosis came not once, but twice.

Married 25 years with three kids, Bill and Shelly Weber can be described as a fun-loving couple.

But what the Gilbertville couple has been through the past five years has been anything but fun.

"I had a lump here on the base of my neck and one thing led to another. I went to a doctor to a doctor and eventually it led us up here," said Bill Weber.

In 2005, Bill was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. In his early 40s at the time, the farmer was understandably shocked.

"I was scared. I was pretty busy with my farm work. I was doing okay. I wasn't feeling that bad."

His oncologist at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo was optimistic.

 "Absolutely. Hodgkin's disease is highly curable now. I think we've progressed quite a bit, in this area at least," said Dr. Mukund Nadipuram.

Treatments left Bill so weak, his son Dale--who was in high school--stepped in to keep the family's grain transport business going.

"My son stepped up to the plate and basically ran the business. Ran the trucking end of it. You know, it brought them closer together," said his wife, Shelly.

The Webers were grateful for the support of so many, but they had no idea how much they would lean on those same loved ones four years later.  When Shelly was also diagnosed with a blood cancer.

"It was hard to believe now that she was diagnosed. I guess years ago I was told to take life as it comes. I never forgot it. We knew we were in good hands," said Bill.

Online reporter/Anchor: Tara Thomas

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