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Waverly horse auction offering some bargains

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- The down economy can be difficult for those looking to sell, but for some buyers it means loads of good deals. 

The familiar sounds of an auction help gather hundreds of people from across the country, and the world, to Waverly twice each year for the semi-annual horse sale.

"Really I think it's just the atmosphere and everything like that, that they keep coming back for more," said Colton Beyer with the Waverly Sale Barn.

Tuesday, equipment for saddling up hit the auction block first.

"There's a few real nice pieces so we'll get a lot of buyers," Beyer said.

And while many of the saddles and harnesses are still bringing in above a thousand bucks each, those same items have demanded hundreds more in the past.  So, many auction-goers are scooping up anything they can find for a bargain.

"Harnesses, anything you can use on the horse, bridles, holders... We get good deals up here," said sale-goer Don Brandt.

Horses won't be sold off until Thursday and Friday, and the down economy is expected to affect what they'll bring in, too.

"The market's pretty low right now for the horses.  I don't expect it to be extremely high," Beyer said.

That may make it easier for horse lovers that don't currently own the gentle giants to get into the market.  However, the big ticket thoroughbreds are still likely to draw enough interest to drive up the prices.

The United Horse Coalition says that the price of horses is being driven down because many horse owners can simply no longer afford to take care of their animals.  The coalition estimates that without vet care, taking care of just one horse costs at least $1,800 a year.

KWWL Reporter:  Kera Mashek

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