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Some Verizon customers looking for refund

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- About 15 million customers were overcharged between two and six dollars. It's not much, but is enough to make mobile phone users take a closer look at their bill.

A mysterious $1.99 a megabyte data access fee on monthly bills means those 15 million Verizon wireless customers will get a refund because as it turns out, those customers didn't have data access after all.

"Verizon should be commended for coming clean and acknowledging it. It's going to be, frankly, a hefty phone bill for them," said Consumer Reports Senior Editor, Mike Gikas.

Verizon might refund as much as $90 million all because of what it calls a software issue or customers inadvertently hitting the wrong button on certain cell phones that initiated data or web access and the corresponding fee on the monthly bill.

"It also points to consumers have to be very careful with their phone bills, they should be paying very close attention to them," said Gikas.

Some simple tips to avoid these over charges include knowing what cramming looks like. According to the FCC some wireless networks try to cram small fees into their bills.

Next, do not be afraid to complain if you see something out of the ordinary and if your cellular carrier didn't justify the charges you can contact the FCC or the Better Business Bureau.

Also, know how your phone works and how much certain features will cost.

Current customers will get credit on upcoming bills and former ones will get a check in the mail.

The FCC's investigation into this matter isn't over. More penalties could be coming because some at the commission want to know why it took Verizon so long to finally acknowledge it.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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