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NEW DETAILS: Monona man shot his girlfriend in the head twice

MONONA (KWWL) -- Authorities in Allamakee County have charged a Monona man with the first-degree murder of his girlfriend.

Allamakee County Sheriff's Deputies were called to a home in Linton Township just after 11:30 Saturday night.

They found 40-year old Angela Gabel in the driver's seat of a car parked outside the home.

Deputies say it appears she was shot in the head.

They arrested 33-year old Christopher Thompson who was inside the home, after a short standoff with authorities.

Thompson was taken to the Allamakee County Jail, but was later transferred to the Clayton County Jail where he is being held without bond. 

According to a criminal complaint released to KWWL, Thompson told officers that he and Gabel got into a verbal and physical fight.  He added that the two had been having problems for three to four months and he had repeatedly asked her to leave.

Thompson then said that Gabel left the home and got into her car, but he followed her outside and they continued to argue.

Thompson says he then went into the house, grabbed a .22 caliber rifle that he assumed was loaded, walked out onto the deck and fired a shot that hit Gabel in the head.

Thompson then told officers that he went to the car, found that she was still alive and fired a second shot into her head.  According to the complaint, Thompson told officers that "he fired the second shot to put the victim out of her misery so that she didn't suffer."

Thompson that walked back into the house, put the gun away and called 9-1-1.

Deputies say that Thompson walked outside when they got there holding the infant son that he and Gabel had together.

The Allamakee Sheriff's Office says this is the fourth murder since 1998. The three others took place in rural Harpers Ferry, Lansing, and Postville.

Online producer:  Chris Becker

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