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YGC: Marcus Fridley - Starmont football fanatic

by Danielle Wagner

ARLINGTON (KWWL) -- His name is Marcus Fridley, and he's one of Starmont football's most vocal fans.

The 18-year-old high school senior began managing football in seventh grade. Now, he's part of the varsity team.

"I just like the game," said Marcus Fridley.

Each home game and even during practice Marcus yells words of encouragement.

"Marcus is very vocal. He comes down every single practice. He's probably more attentive than our players sometimes. He's listening to our every word. He's listening to what those guys are saying. He's a huge part of what Starmont's all about," said coach Matt Lee.

While he can't play because of cerebral palsy, Marcus is part of the team, wearing number 35. He takes his role as teammate very seriously.

"I get them all fired up and psyched up for the game," said Fridley.

Everyone at Starmont knows, if Marcus could be on the field, he would.

"There's a young man who'd give up everything if he could put on a uniform and a helmet someday and run out on this field. And what better way to repay Marcus as to have him come be on the sideline Friday night and the practice field during the week? I know he loves it, and we love having him down here," said Lee.

During the game, Marcus is glued to the action.

"On a Friday night it's hard to get him to cheer because he's really in to the game. He occasionally yells at the refs, right Marcus?" jokes teacher Suzy Hamlett.

But when there's a break on the field or when he's not yelling at the refs, he leads the crowd in cheers.

September 24th was is a little more special because it was Homecoming and Marcus was on the court.

"It's very special to be on the court," said Fridley.

The student body of Starmont voted, and Marcus is this year's king.

Despite facing adversity everyday, those around him say he always has a positive attitude.

"He's pretty contagious both with his smile and laugh. He's a pretty special kid," said Suzy Hamlett.

Hamlett and Lee said he may be number 35 in the program, but Marcus is number one in many hearts at Starmont.

After graduating in the upcoming spring, Marcus hopes to move to Waterloo and be a football coach.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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