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Sharing football game tape turns to Internet

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL)-- Football has stayed pretty much the same through the years, two teams still trying to score more points in the end-zone, but from film, to VHS, to DVD there's always something new in the way teams share highlights. Now the Internet is making an entrance.

Coach Pat Mitchell, of the Cedar Falls Tigers, is no stranger to football. He's coached more than 43 years. During that time he's seen a lot of changes in game films.

"The original days we had none. We didn't even film games. Then we filmed a game in 16 millimeter and the problem was we had to put it on a bus and send it to Des Moines to get developed and we got it back next Tuesday and it was black and white," said Pat Mitchell, Cedar Falls Co-Head Coach.

"It was one of those deals where we had to burn copies of DVDs and we have a large coaching staff so we had to burn a lot of DVDs. So coaches could have it along with the players and it was a long process to get the game in the kids hands," said Brad Remmert, Cedar Falls Co-Head Coach.

Now some football teams in Iowa, including Cedar Falls High School are tackling technology, uploading their game films to an Internet database.

It's all possible with a website called The Huddle. The site makes game film available to the team's next opponent.  It's quicker than DVD's or VHS tapes, because teams can watch it as early as that night or Saturday morning. They also know right away if it's the wrong tape.

"Half the time we would be like alright I have a DVD, does it work? We would bring it home, find out it was the wrong game," said Ben Challgren, Junior Linebacker.

There's one other feature about this site the coaches say they like and that's how they can check online to see which of their players are watching the highlights.

This is the first year teams in Iowa are using the online database.  The Cedar Falls High School coaches hope to keep using this process in the future.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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