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Food safety attorney inspects egg farm


WEST UNION (KWWL) – A class action lawsuit is in the works, regarding some 150 people sickened by bad eggs. The law firm of Simon & Luke has taken on the case and is representing people from all over the country who were made ill by salmonella linked to two Iowa egg plants.

Ron Simon is one of the attorneys representing around 150 people sickened by the tainted eggs. Some of his clients suffered only minor illnesses, but others were sickened to the point of being hospitalized.

Today Simon went through Hillandale Farms, near West Union, gathering information as to how this contamination happened. The facility was supposed to remain in normal working condition as he toured the plant.

Simon also says that the people who were sickened by the tainted eggs are not the only ones who have been hurt by this case.

"There are people all across this land taking care of their chickens that are keeping their farms clean and doing it right and those people are suffering because of this crazy egg out break from companies that didn't do it the right way," said Simon.

During a congressional hearing last week, the CEO of Hillandale Farms, Orland Bethel refused to answer questions from the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee. He pled the fifth.

On Thursday we asked for a comment regarding Ron Simon's visit and we have yet to get a response from Hillandale Farms.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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