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Changing leaves, pumpkins, and a corn maze


LA PORTE CITY (KWWL)-- The Hartman family planted corn in the spring of this year and have enjoyed the result ever since.

Take a drive outside of La Porte City and you'll see corn fields, but one field is far from ordinary.

"You plant the corn across each other. That way it is really thick and you can't cheat and look down the aisle," said Lynette Hartman, maze owner.

The Hartman's spent a lot of time on this acreage selling pumpkins, but just this year they wanted to do something more.

"We then read some books on it and they suggested corn mazes so then we kind of got excited. We have this two and a half acre plot of land and so we thought we would make a maze out of it," said Hartman.

After they mapped the course of the maze they took to it with a GPS and a mower.

"The design of it we did it specifically to be complicated enough for children, but simple enough that mommy and daddy don't get upset," said Nate Hartman, Cotter Road Corn Maze.

Before you enter the maze you will be handed a map and throughout the course you will find clues to make sure you are on the right track, but believe it or not, even the experts get lost sometimes.

"Nate and I were mowing and we had a question for my husband. We turned the lawn mower off, went inside and when we came back we couldn't find the lawn mowers. We were like why didn't we leave it running," said Lynette Hartman.

The maze's shape was a tractor and the Hartman's say that if you walk the maze right and have no mistakes then it is a half a mile long.

The Cotter Road Corn Maze will close November 1st and a neighbor will come and combine the corn.

They plan to replant for next year.

On Friday and Saturday the Hartman's will host a Corn Maze Haunted Halloween Walk. Children can walk through the maze at 7:30 and the adult walk is at 8:30.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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